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According to statistics, staying up late has become the norm for young people, especially drivers and e-commerce shop owners. People often say that they are not staying up night, but draining their life. This is definitely true. It is fine to stay up late once or twice, but staying up for a long time will increase the risk of sudden death.

Then what are the symptoms of staying up late that may cause sudden death?

1. Increased fatigue

Except for diseases or strenuous exercise, you should be alert to heart disease or myocarditis if there is an inexplicable sense of fatigue, chest tightness, weakness in the limbs and breathing difficulties. Most sudden deaths are sudden cardiac deaths, especially cardiomyopathy, which are genetically related with not obvious early symptoms. But staying up late for a long time will lead to heart enlargement and myocardial hypertrophy, thereby increasing the chance of sudden death.

2. Chest pain

The most obvious symptom before sudden death is chest pain. The patient will have severe chest pain and difficulty breathing. Especially in patients with heart disease and coronary heart disease, if angina pectoris and chest tightness occur frequently, you should take it seriouly. Staying up late for a long time can cause coronary atherosclerosis and blood circulation problems, which can cause blood vessels to rupture and chest tightness. In summary, people who stay up late for a long time and feel tight and painful in their chests need to seek medical treatment immediately, which can save lives at critical moments.

3. Fainting and numbness of limbs

When the heart has a problem, it will affect the ability to pump blood, leading to insufficient blood supply to the brain and thus causing fainting. You may wake up on your own after about a few seconds. If not rescued in time, however, you may lose your life. As long as there is an inexplicable fainting, you need to go to the hospital to find out the cause and then treat it. In addition, sudden death is also related to stroke. If you feel a sudden blackness in front of the eyes and the limbs do not have any strength or numbness, cerebrovascular angiography is needed in time.

How to reduce the risk of sudden death caused by staying up late?

1. Drink water

Everyone is inseparable from water, which maintains the most basic life. Staying up all night will disturb the biological clock, affect the level of metabolism and cause problems with water circulation in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of taking the initiative to drink water, about every 30 minutes to drink 100 to 150 ml of water, to eliminate the body’s metabolites and maintain smooth blood flow. Do not drink strong tea or strong coffee while staying up late. The caffeine contained in it can refresh your mind, but it maintains short-term effects. If you don’t like to drink plain boiled water, you can also drink green tea or honeysuckle tea, which contains minerals and is beneficial to the recovery of physical strength and energy. At the same time, adjust your diet. Choose dairy products, whole grains, or fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat too much for dinner and avoid too greasy and difficult to digest food.

2. Keep exercise

People who stay up late for a long time, no matter how busy they are, should take 30 minutes of exercise every day, such as walking, climbing stairs or riding, etc. This can speed up blood circulation, delay aging, improve resistance and prevent pathogenic bacteria from invading the body. At the same time, it can also reduce the harm to the body caused by staying up late.

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