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Nowadays many people perm to change their appearance, but various chemical products used in the process of perm will cause damage to the hair. So they want to restore their hair after a perm, but they don’t know what to do. So try the following care tips to make your hair shiny and smooth.

1. Choose the right way to wash your hair

If you want your hair to be clean, you must wash it. Choosing the right way of washing is therefore very important. You wet the hair with warm water first, so that the scalp is fully hydrated before applying foaming shampoo. Be careful not to pour shampoo directly on the scalp, avoiding direct contact which can damage the hair follicles. This will even cause hair loss for a long time. And when washing your hair, you should use your fingertips gently, and don’t grab it hard with your nails.

2. Nourishing your hair

The hair is easily damaged after a perm, because the loss of nutrients in the hair causes the hair to dry and wilt without luster. So it is necessary to add nutrition at this time. You can use conditioner when washing your hair, and do deep moisturizing regularly.

3. Choose the right shampoo product

The correct way of shampooing can protect the scalp, and the most suitable shampoo product is to protect the hair. Choose it according to your hair quality. Some products contain more ingredients, which are a burden to the hair and will cause damage. Generally, you’d better choose moisturizing hair care products after perming.

4. Avoid too frequent perm

Some people often change their tastes and therefore frequently toss their hair because they don’t like it after the perm. And this behavior will make the hair worse and worse, and even dry. So in addition to taking care of the hair after the perm, it is also necessary to avoid frequent perming and excessive exposure to chemical products that may damage the hair.

5. Replenish nutrition

In terms of diet, you can also eat more hair-conditioning foods, such as black sesame seeds, carrots and so on. These foods can directly act on the scalp, enabling the hair to be shiny by absorbing nutrients, and also reducing the chance of hair loss.

If you want to avoid hair problems, you should also pay attention to the perm products you choose. Inferior products can cause more serious hair damage. Therefore, you must read the instructions in detail, and then choose a brand and regular chemical product, which can reduce the damage, and avoid excessive pulling of the hair at ordinary times, to avoid damage to the scalp and hair breakage.

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