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Eyes are very important to everyone. Once there are problems with the eyes, all aspects of life will be affected. Sometimes it will make people particularly uncomfortable, such as eye pain or itching. Therefore, it is very important to master some common sense of eye care in daily life to protect eyes and eyesight and prevent the occurrence of some diseases.

1. Take time to look far away

Whether it is a long time to study or work, the eyes will be particularly tired. At this time, they need to rest. Looking at the distance is a good way to relax the eyes for it can relax the muscles around the eyes so as to protect the eyes.

2. Do exercises to protect your eyes

Doing eye exercises is a particularly good way to protect your eyes. Frequent eye exercises can make blood around the eyes flow faster and relax tense muscles. In addition to doing eye exercises, you can also turn your eyes. The movement of turning the eyeball can increase the blood perfusion in the eye and increase its metabolic capacity. Usually, you can also eat more nut foods, such as walnuts, melon seeds, peanuts and so on, which can be chewed to allow the muscles around the eyes to get full activity.

3. Eat more foods that are good for eyes

Eating more vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients is also very important to protect the eyes. Foods like apples, pears, spinach, leeks, etc, all have many benefits for the eyes.

4. Reading in proper light

When reading or studying, be sure to choose the right light. If the light is too dark, it will damage your eyes. In addition, try not to play with your mobile phone after turning off the lights at night, because the strong light of the mobile phone can cause eye irritation. And you must sit while reading, because lying down while reading will increase the burden on your eyes and even cause strabismus.

5. Don’t use eye drops casually

Many people who stay in front of the computer for a long time like to use eye drops frequently. In fact, this habit is particularly bad, because improper use of eye drops can also cause damage to the eyes. The eyes may feel very comfortable at the beginning, but after a long time, the eyesight may be damaged.

Because the eyes are very important, it is necessary to have some common sense to protect the eyes. After working or studying for a period of time, you should take a proper look into the distance to relax your eyes. If you have time, you can also do eye exercises frequently, so that the tense muscles will be relaxed. In addition to mastering some small tips in daily life, you should also regularly check your eyes.

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